Thursday, September 23, 2010

Holding locations for a "Party"

Okay this is location 1.
It's a wide clear area right next to toilets, it is probably the best location space wise but it is a popular picnic spot and only maybe 4km away from the local Authorities, I really wish someone wouldn't complain about sound but I know someone would here.
Large space
Close to civilization
Near Police Station
Popular spot with local picnic goers

So This is location 2, it's probably 20-30km away from civilization but again it's another popular picnic spot, that being said it is atleast 20-30km away from local authorities and as far as I know it does not get locked out at a certain time like other spots, it is also in a canyon so sound could reverb and echo everywhere for miles.
                                            Far away from civilization
                                                  In Canyon/valley
                                           Still goddamn picnickers
Location 3 and 4 are only just down the road from number 1, maybe 500 meters or so, but that being said there are less picnic goers down this end of the area and it does also provide some large space for a party (also two toilet facilities) the problems with number 1 still exist as it is only 4.5km away from local cop shop with is a 5-10 mintue drive, but hopefully down here we would get less exposure to the public, problem is this area gets locked out at 6pm or 8pm.
                                               Same as location one.
                                            Local authorities close buy.
                                            Lock out at sort of early time.

Now why don't I throw a legit party? Because throwing outdoor parties these days takes alot of insurance and red tape and though the Local Government might authorize a folk festival or whatever, I doubt an small outdoor rave would get the stamp of approval so easily.
I'm not trying to cause trouble or whatever, I just want to have an outdoor gettogether in the sun with the local scene, get a few DJ's and have a fun time, no "Drug trafficking" or "Devil worshiping" like ravers are so much attributed too in popular culture, just a fun outdoor event.                                                                       


  1. Location 1 sounds good, you definitely want to be near the toilets. The importance of this declines as the party progresses though. Pretty soon hampers and trash cans start looking good.

  2. Too bad you can't just use a golf course. that would be friggin amazing.


  3. I'm not anywhere near Canberra, but if I was I'd come and party! Hope you get it going

  4. Go with whichever one has more dogging...

  5. What good locations to host a party.

  6. I would go with location3 cause thats what im like

  7. Sadly the nearest Golf Course is pretty high class and filled with snooty rich people lol :P

    Thanks for the feedback

  8. That's pretty informative for the next time I hold an event of such magnitude.